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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious problem in California and victims often are not sure who to turn to.  You do not have to stand for acts of domestic violence, which may include stalking, threatening, abusive behavior, damage to property, or worse yet, serious bodily injury.  If you feel that you may be a victim of domestic violence, you should dial 911 and report it to the local authorities immediately. If you have been served with a Restraining Order, you are required to be in court on a certain date and time.

If you do not show up and have been properly served, the judge could make orders that are very bad for your case. If you show up to your first appearance and ask for a continuance, the judge may grant you time to find an retain an attorney. But you should not wait! It is usually best to have an experienced attorney with you at all times in the courtroom.

Restraining Orders

If you want to prevent someone from harassing you, you should call our office immediately.  We will quickly prepare the necessary Restraining Order paperwork and have the other party served. Most of the time, we are abe to get a temporary order in place, so that the other party is prevented from contacting you prior to the hearing date, which occurs about three weeks later.

If you are being harassed, the best thing to do is call 911. Most of the time when our attorney's are in court, the best evidence is a police report, or a photograph of any violent acts. Without these, often times a hearing comes down to a "he said", "she said" battle. However, if the police are called and the other party is arrested, or taken to jail, this could significantly help your case.