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Personal Injury

The Law Offices of Travis Whitfield also has experience in the following other areas of practice: Personal Injury, Auto Accidents, Sexual Harassment, Real Estate, Landlord Tenant and Contracts.  If you have been served with a civil Summons and Complaint, or if you have been injured in an accident, you should contact me immediately.

If you have been served with a Summons and Complaint, the court has likely give you a date you need to appear.

Most often this first court appearance is for a case management conference. You should consult with me before you make any court appearances on your own. The insurance companies have lawyers that will do whatever is necessary to defend their interests and not help you. Make sure you contact our office before you go to court by yourself. If you have been injured in an accident, you have a limited amount of time before you can file a Summons and Complaint.  This is called a Statue of Limitations.  If you do not file a Summons and Complaint before the Statue of Limitations expires, your case will be time barred and you will not be able to proceed with your case, even if you are seriously injured.  

​Please make sure you contact our office as soon as possible. We also practice in the following counties:

Santa Clara
Santa Mateo
San Francisco
Santa Cruz
San Benito


The Law Offices of Travis Whitfield has experience in dealing with real estate.  Whether you own a home with your spouse, or someone else, your rights could be affected if there is a divorce, or a lawsuit.  Most of the time when people buy real estate together, they do not have a written agreement.  Unfortunately, most “agreements” are verbal.  This can cause problems later on when we’re in court. In today’s economy, the other problem most people face is foreclosure.  If you are behind on your payments, or have received a notice from your lender that you are in default or foreclosure, please contact our office immediately 408.879.9039.  For most people, their house is their single biggest investment.  The best way to protect your investment is to call us immediately before you get behind on your payments and the foreclosure process begins.