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How Do I Ask for Financial Support?

When a case first starts, it is important that the children are taken care of and supported by both parents.  If you have children and you have been served with divorce papers, you will need an attorney who has experience with Child Support and Spousal Support issues. 

California judges want children and spouses taken care of in divorce cases.  Judges do this by making temporary orders for Child Support and Spousal Support.

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What is a Dissometer Calculation?

Child Support and Spousal Support are calculated by the Dissomaster primarily based on your income and your timeshare with your children.  Temporary orders involving Custody, Visitation and Child Support are crucial at the beginning of a case because these “temporary orders” can be used as a basis for future, permanent orders by the court.  Make sure that you have an experienced attorney with you during the early stages of your case, preferably before you ever go to court so that they can run the Dissomaster program for you and explain your options.

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You may use this useful Dissometer calculator to get an estimate of your Child Support.

The iTunes Dissometer APP is easy to use and it's free: